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Way home

Way home is a unique project that combines classic feature film and animation similar to the films like Sonic, Peter Rabbit and other. Way Home is a story into the mind of a young boy who got lost on the way to Venice. Now with the help of animated characters from his favorite fairy tales he must find a way home to this parents. Little did he know that together with the positive characters, bad characters are also alive. Young boys embarks on a journey of his live.


Family animation production

Stork Pictures is a new film production company compiled from industry professionals who have done tens of feature films before. Goal of the company is to create family oriented animation or Feature-animation projects always with a good vibe and a positive impact.

Our team

Petr Kubík

Czech director who is known around Europe thanks to creating feminist oriented movies. His first project was a road movie Montenegro, focusing on a road trip through the eyes and diary of a serbian student called Andjela who is trying to find a balance between reason and spontaneity. Montenegro travelled to festivals around the world and got numerous prizes. After that Peter has come with the first female oriented czech fairytale called Princess cursed in time (2020) where a Princess isn't a passive girl waiting for rescues, but is an active protagonist who is taking fate into her own hands. Film was eventually sold all around the world and in eastern Europe become one of the most watched film on Netflix (#1 on czech Netflix as the only czech film in history). Thanks to big success the film now has a sequel with a different female protagonist where Peter made a step from fairytale to fantasy but again proved that he can very well portray a female oriented film in which the characters are solving a question of growing up having a passion to fight without enough experiences. Petr is known for his detailed work on a script and story which he always does in close co-operations with actresses and actors. That works for the pre production as well as for post production and test screenings.

Robert Artur Pierug

Robert Artur Pieruga is an entrepreneur and founder of a group called FABA which invests mostly into health, farmacy, reproduction medicine, energy and food. Robert also supports science-academic projects at Czech and Slovak universities. In the past years he lead teams of over 1000 people. He got his business abilities in the area of entering and exiting risk capital ventures. In 2014 he was a lecturer on the field of risk management, public relations and marketing for an MBA.